Campus Security - Person With A Weapon Or Gun


If you observe someone with a weapon or hear shots:

  • CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY. If you observe someone whom you believe might be in possession of a weapon call 911 and Campus Security at Ext 3310
  • Observe at a distance and provide the following information to the Police Department, if possible:
  • Your exact location and the location of the person or persons involved
  • What is currently happening or what has happened. Are there injuries?
  • A detailed description of the person or persons involved including gender, race, clothing, cap or hat, shoes, and distinguishing characteristics such as facial hair, glasses, etc.
  • Describe the weapon involved if known
  • Describe any vehicle(s) that may be involved and license number(s) if available.


  • Under no circumstances should you confront a person whom you believe is armed
  • Should gunfire take place on campus, take cover, shelter-in-place, seek an area that is free from risk. Make every possible effort to get others out of the immediate area. If you are in harms way, close and lock doors and stay away from windows.
  • Don’t be a hero. Do not attempt to rescue casualties, as you may become the next victim. Be observant as the safety of others may depend on you.
  • If you are directly confronted by an active shooter, the following actions are recommended:
  • Ask/plead with the person to put the weapon in a neutral location. Don’t argue, threaten, or block an exit. Do not make a sudden move to disarm the person. Know your ability to protect yourself.
  • Fight back. It may be your last option if you are caught in close proximity to the shooter. This is dangerous and not recommended, but it could be your only option. Do anything you can in an attempt to disable or slow down the aggressor. You can use many types of items as weapons: books, trash cans, or other small items.
  • If you are caught by the intruder and not going to fight, obey all commands and avoid eye contact. If violent action is likely, do your best to cover up or flee.