Curriculum Council


This committee shall evaluate all curricula on an on-going basis and shall make recommendations to the vice president for Instruction and ultimately the president regarding all curricular matters. It shall recommend approval of and criteria for evaluation of all AA, AS, and AAS degrees as well as for the Technical Certificate, Advanced Technical Certificate and Academic Certificate of Completion. The council shall approve all prerequisites for courses as well as changes in grading procedures as well as changes in credits, content, or numbers. The Curriculum Council shall evaluate and approve all special topic courses. In addition, this committee will submit reports of its activities to the Faculty Assembly Chair.

ADMINISTRATOR RESPONSIBLE: Vice President for Instruction:  Lita Burns

Executive Assistant, Office of Instruction:  Cheri Beard

Chair:  Lesley Schoch

Vice Chair:  Geoffrey Carr

Voting Members 2017-2018

Group 1 (English and Humanities): Molly Michaud, English Instructor 

Group 2 (Communications and Fine Arts): Geoffrey Carr, Journalism Instructor 

Group 3 (Social and Behavioral Sciences): Lesley Schoch, Child Development Instructor

Group 4 (Trades and Industries): Mark Magill, Automotive Technology Instructor

Group 5 (Business and Professional Programs): Casey Wilhelm, Computer Information Technology Instructor   

Group 6 (Math, Computer Science, and Engineering): Eric Mack, Math Instructor

Group 7 (Natural Sciences): Julie Van Middlesworth, Environmental Science & Geology Instructor

Group 8 (Health Sciences and Nursing): Cindy Pavel, Health Professions and Nursing Division

Group 9 (College Skills and Physical Education): Tammy Payton, College Skills Instructor

Non-Voting Members 

Dean of General Studies: Larry Briggs

Dean of Professional, Technical, and Workforce Training: Kassie Silvas

Dean of Health Professions and Nursing: Christy Doyle

Registrar/Director of Admissions: Tami Haft

Advising:  DeAnn Johnson 

Director of e-Learning: Thomas Scott