Curriculum Council Forms


The current forms are here on this web site, but an entirely new site is available (under construction) inside of our (click here) MyNIC portal. Either follow this link, or login to MyNIC, look for the "Team" area, expand the list, and choose "Curriculum Council." The new forms have simplified the process, with one form for courses, and one form for programs.

Pre-Fall 2014 Forms:

Please read the "General Instructions" link to determine which form(s) to use for proposals. 

  • The forms below are in "rtf" format, so they can be downloaded and edited in word processing. 
  • For assistance in using these forms, call Pam Claflin at ext. 3305.
  • Professional, Technical & Workforce Education Courses/Programs use Form A
  • General Studies Courses/Programs use Form B in each category.