North Idaho College Career Services: Reach for the Stars!


Completely Decided About Career Direction:

  • Are You Aware of Specialty Areas? Do You Know What Each Pays? Have you Chosen One?
  • Do You Know What a Typical Day is Like in this Profession?
  • Have You Chosen a Transfer College?
  • Do you Know Which Classes Will Transfer to Your Chosen Transfer College?
  • Use the Largest Scholarship Database Available to Help Finance Your Education (to supplement what you receive through your FAFSA and any college scholarships).
  • Have You Explored Employment Outlook – How Many Jobs Are Out There?
  • Do You Know What Employers Are Looking for When Hiring?
  • Where Do You Want To Work?
  • Network Through Informational Interviews and Job Shadowing. Get Inside Information From Local Professionals Who Are Currently Employed Doing What You Want to Do.
  • Build Your Resume w/ Experiential Education: Internships and Volunteer Opportunities
  • Learn Enough About Your Interests, Abilities, Values, & Personality to Describe Yourself to an Employer and Demonstrate How Your Chosen Career Fits Well with Who You Are?
  • Get Help with a Resume, Cover Letter, and/or Upcoming Interview
  • Use the Career Services Online Job Listings and Learn How to Discover the Hidden Job Market


Fairly Certain About Career Direction:

  • Take A Career Assessment to Verify That Direction.
  • Explore Career Options Related to Your Major with College Majors and Careers and the Career Information System (What Can I Do with a Major In…?)
  • Use the Career Information System to Confirm Details About Your Career Choices
  • Add Even More To Your Understanding with the Career Services Online Library
  • For Example, Great Jobs For [Blank] Majors
  • Explore Options Further Through Informational Interviews and Job Shadowing
  • Use the Remaining Services Listed In the “Completely Decided” Section


Undecided About Career Direction:

  • Take at Least Two Career Assessments to Help Begin Exploring Options that Suit You Best. These assessments help you learn more about your interests, abilities & skills you’d like to use, values, personality, and the life you’d like to create!
  • Discuss Your Specific Situation with a Career Counselor.
  • Use the Career Information System to Explore Details About Recommended Options.
  • Use the Online Career Library to Learn More About Fields of Interest
  • Use the Remaining Services Listed In the “Fairly Certain” & “Completely Decided” Sections
  • Rely on the Career Services Staff Every Step of the Way.  
  • We’re Here to Help You Discover and Achieve the Career of Your Dreams!

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