What Do Employers Want?

They are looking for individuals who:

  • Are teachable and know how to learn.

  • Can read, write well and perform basic arithmetic.

  • Can listen well and have strong oral communication skills.

  • Can think creatively and critically and can solve problems.

  • Have personal management skills including self-esteem, goal setting and motivation, and personal and career development skills.

  • Can demonstrate responsibility, dedication and understand what it means to be a good employee to be a good employee.

  • Have group effectiveness skills including interpersonal skills, negotiation skills and teamwork skills.

  • Are comfortable with people from different cultures and backgrounds, and perhaps speak a foreign language.

  • Have organizational effectiveness and leadership skills.

  • Can function on their own and take the initiative to get things done and to be innovative, discovering new and better ways to do things.

  • These are basic ingredients of a good employee. How many do you feel really competent in? Self-improvement in any of these areas will give you an edge in a highly competitive job market.