Get Your Resume Through the Screen

Most employers receive many applications and resumes for each job opening they post, and it is common for them to weed out the ones that they feel are not suitable. This process is called screening. A few commonly used screening techniques are listed here--see if your resume will get you through to the next step.

Make sure your resume gets noticed - get it past these "screening techniques": 

  • Qualifications Assessment - Here the resume is reviewed by an evaluator to determine if your job-related training, experience, or competencies meet the minimum, and in some cases preferred, qualifications.
  • Scored Evaluation - Education and experience are rated by a trained evaluator, or the applicant is required to take a written and/or performance test. 
  • Resume Review - The resume is reviewed by a hiring agency to determine any additional screening procedures that should be used. In most cases, further screening includes an interview. 
  • Additional screening procedures – For certain jobs, the candidate must submit work samples, fulfill physical or medical requirements, undergo a criminal background check, complete a polygraph examination, or take a drug test.

Take the time to tailor your resume or application to the position. Customize it every time you apply for a different job.

For other tips, visit eCIS's Job Search file. To access this, go to Then click on Idaho Career Information System to go to eCIS. Call the Career Center for the current User name and Password.

Be sure to check out two especially useful areas:

"Collect Important Information" – Under "Before Your Search: Get Organized." Prepare to compose multiple resumes and fill out many different application forms. The Application Information will help you be sure that the
information you include on an application is comprehensive and that the application is neat and presentable.

“Create Your Resumes" – Look over many samples of resume styles, and use the one (or combination) that works best for the position you’re seeking. This file also gives sample adjectives and adverbs, nouns, and verbs that employers love to see.

Under “My Career Plan” on the upper left of the Career Information System (eCIS) select “Where Am I Headed?” – “Networking and Job Search” and then open the instructions for “Make a Resume,” and “Write a Cover Letter.”