The Perfect Candidate

It’s a buyers market. That means employers have the luxury of being more selective in the people they hire from among this year’s crop of new graduates. This year, as in previous years, they say they are impressed by job candidates who have excellent communication skills. They’re also looking for honesty and integrity, teamwork skills, interpersonal skills, and a strong work ethic.


   Employers Rate Experience

      (1=not important and 5=extremely important)

Relevant Work Experience     4.00

Internship Experience              3.82

Any Work Experience             3.69

Co-op Experience                   3.32


In a year when selling yourself will be critical, those students with relevant work experience to offer may find the scales tipped in their favor. Employers look for students who have gained real world experience through the use of internships, co-ops, or some other form of work program.

And it’s not surprising that employers say they first look for new hires within their own programs. Obviously, experience directly related to your major is, by far the most desirable.

And, as one employer pointed out, gaining experience through a co-op or internship gives you, the student, an invaluable look at what the company and the position are really like.

Top 9 Places Employers Find New Hires

1.        Organization’s internship program
2.         Employee referrals
3.        Career/job fairs
4.        On-campus recruiting
5.        Internet job postings (company site)
6.        Organization’s co-op program
7.        Internet job postings
8.        Faculty contacts
9.        Student organizations/clubs


Top 10 Qualities Employers Seek

1.     Communication skills (verbal &    Written)
2.     Honesty/integrity
3.     Teamwork skills
4.     Interpersonal skills
5.     Strong work ethic
6.     Motivation/initiative
7.     Flexibility/adaptability
8.     Analytical skills
9.     Computer skills
10.    Organizational skills