Strategic Planning



North Idaho College's Strategic Plan is the result of a collective effort that includes the work of the Long Range Visioning and Planning Committee, Strategic Planning Committee/Sub-Committees, and input from campus and community members through public forums offered both on and off campus. In creating the Strategic Plan, special care was taken to be mindful of key campus efforts such as strategic planning, performance measurement reporting, and institution-wide accreditation.

The Strategic Plan is comprised of two parts, the Framework and Yearly Versions. See below for additional information and links to these two documents.


The Strategic Plan Framework outlines the College's Themes/Goals, and Objectives. The Framework is designed to remain static throughout the five-year plan but will be reviewed annually allowing for significant changes as needed.

Yearly Versions

Each year a version of the Strategic Plan that is specific to the current year will be created and published. The yearly version will include the Strategic Plan Framework, along with performance measures for each objective and benchmarks for each performance measure. The new version will be created after the SBOE Board approves their Strategic Plan in December of each year, and published by March 1st.