Getting Started

Logging In

Hopefully, you are familar with Webdriver and already have an account set up. If not, this is the first step that you will want to take. Log onto Webdriver using the same username and password that you would for your email and the MyNIC portal.

Once you have signed in, you should see the name of the department you want to edit under the websites tab.

If you don't see the website or if you are unable to log in, your account may not have been set up yet. Email mail me at and I can help you get started with that.

First Glance

Once you are logged in and have selected your website you should come to a page that looks something like this:

website home imageNotice the 3 main links at the top.

 - Add Page
 - Add Link
 - Manage Categories

The first link, 'Add page' allows you to create a new page to add content to.

'Add Link' is for when you want to create a link to page that already exists somewhere on the web or to a file (pdf).

The last option, 'Manage Categories' is for organizing or grouping the links. The categories will appear on the right hand side menu in gold colored a font of the finished version of all the pages.