Basics of Adding a Page

Adding a Page

From the websites main page select the 'Add Page' option from the top left area of the page.

add page image

You will be lead to a page that looks like this.

Add Page Category - Select the Category you want the page under (This will add the page to the category group on the rightside menu)
- A Stand Alone Page will not be placed in the menu

Page Titile - Add a Page Title. This will be displyed in the menu.

Active/Inactive - An active page tells wether a page is ready for everyone to view it. If it is active then everyone can see. If it is inactive, only a website editor will be able to see it.

Content - Enter the page main text here.

Submitting a Page

When you are finished adding the content, scroll down below the content box and select 'Add';

Note: For more larger or more indepth webpages I recommend doing them in smaller pieces. If the page remains inactive for too long it can time out and you will lose your work. It is better to add the page (which saves your work) and go back and edit it several times then have to redo the whole thing.