Basics for Adding a Link


Links can be used either when you want to link to a document or when you want to link to another webpage.

Creating a Link

From the main websites page select the add link button from the top left menu.

Add Link Btn

This will lead you to a page that looks like this.

Add Links pageTitle - Title will be name of the link that appears in the right side menu.

Category - Category will be the group the link is under in the menu.

URL/Uploaded File - You will only use one of these! If you want to link to a different page, copy the url into the url box. If you would like to upload a file, select the browse button. Use the dialog box to find the file on your computer.

Note: If you are typing in the url make sure that it starts with http://

Target - This is a more advanced option. If you aren't sure which to choose ignore this box.

I will attempt to explain this as best I can. If this doesn't make sense please forgive me. Target is a setting that tells the web browser how to navigate to the next page. If you select Same Window (to the browser an open webpage is a window) the browser will navigate straight to the link. This is the default option. If you select New Window, then the browser leaves the current page open, and will open an entirely new window with link open in it. Basically, you will have two pages open instead of just one.

Why would you want use a 'New Window'? It isn't really essential that you use this at all. Time that you might consider using it - If you linking to a document like a pdf a user is more likely to close the document instead of navigating back. If there is only one webpage open then they have lost their place on the website.

Add - After the information is inserted into the form press the add button.


A URL is an address of a particular webpage. If you want to link to a webpage will will need to get the page's URL.

The URL is located in the top left corner of your web browser and will look like this.

Url example

Simply highlight the text in this box and right click, selecting the copy option. Then paste the link (right click, paste) into the url box on the Add Link Page.