Creating and Using Categories


Categories are a way of grouping links on the right side menu.

Categories exampleIn this example there are two categories - Home, and Introduction

Categories are displayed in the gold color font. Pages and Links are added to a category and displayed on the menu.

 Exception: If a page is added as a 'Stand Alone Page' it will not be given a category and will not be displayed in the menu.


Creating a new category

 On the website main page select 'Manage Categories' from the options at the top left.

Manage Categories

This will lead you to a page that looks like this.

Add Category screenAdd Category - Add the name of the category and press 'Add'. The category list will be updated to include the new category.

Edit Category - Press the edit link. The name field will be updated with the category and the 'Add' button will change into an 'Update' button. Change the name and press update.

Delete Category - Press the delete link. A confirmation will pop-up. Press 'Yes'.

Change Category Order - Use the up and down arrows on the left to change the order.