Inserting Files


From the 'Add Page' or 'Edit Page'

  • Place your cursor at the point you want the file to be added
  • Select the 'Downloadable Files' button

Insert file button image

This dialog box will be brought up

  • Select the 'Upload' button
  • Use the dialog box to find the find the file on your computer and click open
  • The 'Url' box will be automatically filled
  • Add a 'Title' - This will be the be the text that links to the document
    • i.e. The name of the document, or 'Click for Information', etc.
    • If no title is given the text in the url field will be used
  • Click 'Insert'

Upload file dialog box image 


Tip: If you highlight text before you press the 'Downloadable Files' button then you don't need to add a title. The highlighted text will be used instead.