Inserting Images


From the 'Add Page' or 'Edit Page'

  • Place your cursor at the point you want the file to be added
  • Select the 'Insert Image' button

Insert image button

This dialog box will be brought up

  • Select the upload button
  • Use the box that pops up to find the image file on your computer and
    click 'Open'
  • The url field will be automatically filled in
  • Important - Write a brief (couple words) description in the 'Alternative Text' field
    • Alternative text displays if the image for some reason can't.
      It also works with screen readers for the visually impaired.
  • Press 'Insert'

Insert image dialog box

 Tip: Before you press update you may want to adjust the size. There is a height and width attribute on the left. (You can also do this later.)