Basic Text Formatting

Undo and Redo

From the add or edit webpage

If you make a change that you did not intend to, there is an undo button in the items that you can press to undo it.

Undo and redo button


Using Headers

Headers provide a way to larger text fonts to your page.

From the add or edit webpage

  • Highlight the text you would like to have the header on
  • From the menu items, select the down arrow next the word that says normal
  • Select one of the options presented

Change header image

Header Options

This is Heading 1

This is Heading 2

This is Heading 3

This is normal text

Tip: If you use a header it is applied to the entire paragraph. If you apply a header and it is applying the style to more text then what you have highlighted, undo the change, press enter after the text that should be highlighted, and try again. This is a problem sometimes when you have copied and pasted content in.


Other Options


Bold and Italics
Bold & Italics image

Alignment Options: Left, Center, Right, Justify
Alignment Options image

Bullets: Numbered and Unordered
Bullets Image

Increase and Decrease Text Indentation

Find and Replace
Find and Replace button image

Tip: When coping text from another source and pasting it into the content box, pasting from the browser can help you keep more of the original formatting.

  1. Copy the text
  2. Place your cursor in the Content Box where you want to paste the text
  3. From Internet Explorer, Select the 'Page' option
  4. Click Paste

 (Similar options are also available for other browsers)