Adding Links

 To add a link to another site, put the cursor in the spot you want the link to go and press the link button.

link Button

This dialog box will be brought up


Url - Add the url into the url field.

To find the url, in a seperate browser window, naviage to the page that you want to link to. In the top left corner of the window will be the url.

For more information on urls refer to this page.

To link to a webdriver page, navigate to the main websites page. Next to each page title there is a short url. For example, '/websites/?dpt=162&pageid=3744'. Copy that short url and paste it into the url field (as is, no changes needed).

Title - This will come up as the link text. For example 'Click Here'. If no title is added then the link in the url field will be used.

Tip: If you highlight a section of text before you click the link button then you don't need to add anything to title. This text will be used instead.