Inserting a slideshow onto the page


There are three steps in adding a slideshow onto a page

  1. Creating the slideshow
  2. Adding Images into the slideshow
  3. Adding the slideshow onto the page


Check Example

Creating a Slideshow

From the website pages view click 'Manage Image Gallery'

 You will be taken into this page

Give the gallery a name and press create.

Note: The name is only used for purposes of identification. If you create multiple galleries, give each gallery a discriptive name so that when you go back to add images, you will know which gallery to put it in.

Adding Images

Once you have a gallery, select the 'Edit' option. (see image above).

You will be taken to this page.

 Here you can add and remove images from the gallery.

To insert an image:

  • Use the file browser to select the image
  • Give it a description.
  • (Optional) Add a link. If someone clicks on the image then they will be taken to this link
  • Press 'Insert'


Note: Images MUST be 533px x 355px. This is the size that they will be displayed at, and it will restrict you from uploading any other size!


Adding the Slideshow

To add the slideshow return to the 'Create Image Gallery' page.

Copy the Insert Text

  • Click back to take you to the Website pages.
  • Click 'Edit' on the page you want to add the gallery to. (Or create a new page)
  • Paste the text into the location that you want the image gallery to display.

Update the page. The gallery won't appear in the edit mode but you will be able to see it if you preview the page.

Check Example

Note: You only need to do this once! If you want to add or change the images, go to the 'Manage Image Gallery' page and select 'Edit' on the gallery you want to update. Updating the images here will automatically make the images appear on the page.