English Department Advising

Spring 2013

General Advising Guidelines for Transfer Students:


NIC students who plan to transfer out of the Coeur d'Alene area in pursuit of a bachelor's degree in English should check with the intended transfer institution for requirements.  In the state of Idaho and for many other transfer institutions, achieving an A.A. or an A.S. degree results in completion of the General Education core requirements for the first two years and admission at the junior level, as long as a student is accepted.  Please check with the intended transfer institution for their English degree options and course requirements.  Here are links to regional and state colleges' and universities' English programs:


Advising Guidelines the University of Idaho-Coeur d’Alene English Bachelor of Arts Degree:


Note:  For more information, please visit the new NIC and UI Transfer Center upstairs in the NIC Molstead Library:  http://www.nic.edu/uploads/Opening-Transfer-Center.jpg

1.   NIC students interested in a UI-CDA English B.A. should know about concurrent enrollment at each institution.  The link to this information can be found on the UI-CdA website at 


List of courses:


2. Students can also contact Becky Byers, one of UI-CDA’s academic advisors, with specific questions regarding concurrent enrollment:
         Becky Byers, Recruitment and Advising Coordinator
         email: beckys@uidaho.edu
         phone: (208) 292-2510
         fax: (208) 664-1272
3.  For English majors planning to transfer to UI-CdA, NIC’s English 210 is a pre/co-requisite course for any University of Idaho 300- or 400-level class.  We plan to offer this course during both fall and spring semesters to accommodate students. 

4.  In a meeting with UI, we discussed ways to better align our curriculum. In Fall 2013, we may remove English 175 and 205 from the English A.S. degree, since they do not transfer to UI as core requirements.


Advising Guidelines for NIC student interested in an Interdisciplinary Studies Degree at Lewis Clark State College in Coeur d'Alene:


1.  LCSC offers an interdisciplinary degree that combines fields of study, such as communications, business, or social work.  NIC's Interdisciplinary Studies program is designed in coordination with LCSC and UI in Coeur d'Alene.  Follow the link to program information above on the department web site. 

2.  Please see LCSC CDA's full list of degree options that can be combined for an Interdisciplinary degree at