English Department's Distinguished Writers

Congratulations to the winners of the Distinguish Writing Award.  


These writers are from classes taught by Laura Godfrey, Mark Dudick, Amy Flint, and Bob Bennett: 


  • Mikell Gentry, “A Picture of the Modern Day Father Figure”
  • Nate Kimball, “Tolerance and Suicide Bombing”
  • Don Oak, “Concise Suggestions for a Beginning Meditator”
  • Elli Goldman Hilbert, “The Futility of Fighting the Corporate Disease”
  • Brooke Urbaniak, “Stowe’s Use of Miss Ophelia in Uncle Tom’s Cabin: The Role of Northerners in Slavery”
  • Joshua Weeks, “Othello: The Psychoanalysis of an Alien.”




These writers are from classes taught by Nikole King, Kimberlie Johnson, Laurie Olson-Horswill, Laura Godfrey, Molly Michaud, and Audrey Cameron, pictured above clockwise from back left: 

  • Janette Godwin, “Moving on Up” 
  • Angelique Ramirez, “Overcoming” 
  • Lainey Hubbs, “The Imagination:  Universal Creativity” 
  • Austin Briggs, “Literary Naturalism and Jack London’s ‘To Build a Fire’” 
  • Allison Gneckow, “Colonial Reformation of the Igbo:  A Woman’s Perspective” 
  • Not Pictured:  Thomas Sixbey, “Nature in Wordsworth’s ‘Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey’ and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein”