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As part of an ongoing effort to encourage diversity awareness within the NIC community, the 2016/18 academic year will be dedicated to addressing diversity through the theme: Exploring Race and Ethnicity.


Book Selection Announcement

The Cardinal Reads committee has selected the 2018-20 common read title! Visit the Cardinal Reads page to learn which title was selected!

Selection Process

Every two years The Diversity Council at NIC selects a common theme designed to facilitate diversity programming across campus. “Cultural Identity” has been selected to be the campus wide common theme for 2018-2020. Last spring, the Cardinal Reads Committee petitioned staff and faculty to recommend book titles for the upcoming common read based on the following outcomes and goals:

Common Read Outcomes:

  1. Students, faculty and staff will understand how cultural identity influences student learning and student success.
  2. Students, faculty and staff will understand how cultural identity shapes interactions with fellow members within the college community.
  3. Faculty and staff will be able to identify at-risk populations to connect with institutional supports established within the college community.
  4. Students, faculty and staff will develop a greater understanding of the structural forces related to cultural identity to reduce individual discrimination.

Common Theme Goals:

  1. Prevent discrimination toward disadvantaged groups who are commonly marginalized.
  2. Develop a common learning experience connecting community constituents with the goal to help increase student retention.
  3. Strengthen community partnerships with organizations related to cultural identity to fulfill the college mission and vision of community engagement.
  4. Encourage cultural competency by educating college community members about the impacts of cultural identity as it affects student learning and student success.

If you would like more information about the common read, please contact the Common Read Committee Chair Holly Edwards, or Co-Chairs Kathleen Miller Green and Brian Seguin.

The committee will announce its selection for the 2018-2020 soon!

NIC students and faculty with Bryan StevensonNIC students and employees were given the opportunity to meet Bryan Stevenson and attend his lecture at WSU in December of 2015. Just Mercy was a previous common read selection at WSU and is currently the common read at NIC through spring of 2018. It was an amazing opportunity for those of us who were able to attend. We would like to thank the following groups for their support: ASNIC, The Sociology Club, The Diversity Council, and Cardinal Reads.