Diversity Theme 2016-18

Project Statement

  • The Diversity Council selects a campus-wide common theme to encourage diversity awareness for the NIC community. This awareness is achieved through professional workshops, incorporation of diversity into curriculum, guest speakers, conference, a common read, etc.
  • Exploring Racial and Ethnic Diversity is the common theme for 2016-2018.
  • Racial and ethnic awareness directly connects to diversity: Creating a campus wide initiative to provide education concerning the structural causes of discrimination and overall social inequality supports an understanding of diverse populations. The NIC student population and larger community of North Idaho benefit from understanding a variety of cultural perspectives of underrepresented populations.


  1. Prevent discrimination toward disadvantaged groups who are commonly marginalized based on race, ethnicity and socioeconomic status.
  2. Develop a common learning experience connecting community constituents with the goal to help increase student retention.
  3. Strengthen community partnerships with organizations related to multiculturalism to fulfill the college mission and vision of community engagement.
  4. Encourage cultural competency by educating college community members about the relevance of multiculturalism and experiences of diverse populations as factors shaping student learning and student success.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students, faculty and staff will understand how racial and ethnic diversity influences student learning and student success.
  2. Students, faculty and staff will understand how racial and ethnic diversity shapes interactions with fellow members within the college community.
  3. Faculty and staff will be able to identify at-risk populations to connect with institutional supports established within the college community.
  4. Students, faculty and staff will develop a greater understanding of the structural forces shaping experiences of racial, ethnic and other marginalized minorities to reduce individual discrimination.