Additional Conference Information

If you have additional questions outside of the topics below regarding the NW Philosophy Conference, please contact Ed Kaitz ( or John Jensen (

Paper Presentations
Each session has either two or three papers based on a common topic (such as philosophy of language or ethics, etc.). Each paper is allotted 45 minutes. Of that time, about 20 minutes will be for the author to present his/her paper. This usually involves actually reading the paper to the audience, but if you prefer you can "talk through" the paper. The rest of the 45 minutes is for questions and discussion. It's difficult to say exactly how many people will be in the audience. There will be nine or ten different sessions going at the same time (ten different classrooms), but with over 100 people there, you can expect 10-20 people at your session. Of course, sometimes it can be fewer than 10 or more than 20; it depends on what people want to go listen to.

Chairing a Session
If you are willing to be a session chair, view the conference schedule and select the session that you would like to chair. Email Ed or John with your selection. Once the email is received, you will be posted as the chair and sent the relevant papers from that session. Each paper session includes two or three papers. The session chair will need to read those papers prior to the conference and prepare one or two questions to ask, in order to begin the discussion, following each author's presentation of his/her paper. The session chair is also the timekeeper of the session. The chair needs to begin and end the session on time as well as make sure that each author stays within the appropriate time limit of his/her individual paper.

Friday Banquet
The banquet on Friday evening will be in the Edminster Student Union Bldg, also known as the SUB. Saturday breakfast and lunch will also be held in the SUB. The banquet is a casual occasion.

If you have any special dietary restrictions, please let us know on your registration form. Remember that we will provide the Friday social (5-6 p.m.), banquet/keynote (which starts at 6-8:30), plus Saturday breakfast (from 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m.) and lunch (from 11:00-12:30). The actual paper sessions will run on Saturday from 8-11 and 12:30-5:00.