Welcome to the RSVP Program

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The RSVP Student Success Program is a new advising initiative starting Spring 2016. This program was developed to support the recent changes to NIC Policy 5.02: Academic Probation, Suspension and Disqualification. The RSVP program provides additional help and support to students attending NIC in poor academic standings. Students are assigned to specific professional advisors who are trained to assist students in achieving academic goals. Students will work closely with their advisor to create a personalized success plan and learn skills to encourage college success and empower their college experience.

Have an Advising Hold?

Beginning Spring 2016 any student with a cumulative GPA below 2.0 will have an advising hold placed on their account. To find out more about this hold click here.

To the right are links to help students and advisors in ensuring students get tools and skills they need to succeed.

Student Success Resources: Find resources that will help students improve studying skills, learn test taking techniques,  manage time, perfect note taking and setting SMART goals. 

Appointment Request: Request an appointment with your advisor and figure out a time that fits your schedule. 

MyNIC Resources: The go to place for advisors and students to get step by step information on how to navigate MyNIC  accounts and  help utilize the tools.

Links for Advisors: Links to help advisors assist in student success! 

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