Welcome to the New Cardinal Learning Commons

A new student-centered approach to our academic support services. The redesign of the Cardinal Learning Commons utilizes creative collaborations between academic and student support programs to address academic and student support-related barriers to student success.

CLC is located in Lee-Kildow Hall 118. We have classrooms for Math-090 instruction and a new Math Education Center. An open house in the fall is planned to encourage all faculty and staff to see the new space and all that the Cardinal Learning Commons has to offer!

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Click here for Math Education Center. (under construction) 

See below for some of the courses we offer.

First Year Experience – “wellness” series of courses
CLC 101 Designing Your NIC Experience - Designed to promote the academic success and personal development of all students by equipping them with strategies and life skills they will use throughout college and beyond. Through a holistic, student-centered approach, students will identify their strengths and weaknesses, adopt new learning strategies, and utilize resources available to them at NIC.
CLC 102 Designing Your Life and Career - 102-employs a method called “design thinking” to help students from any program develop a constructive and effective approach to finding and designing their vocation after college. Through seminar-style discussions, role-playing, writing assignments, guest speakers, and individual mentoring and coaching, this course teaches students to use design thinking to explore many of life’s major challenges, such as pursuing careers they love and finding personal fulfillment.

Math 090 - a 4 credit course as an alternative to the current remedial math sequence. Through a diagnostic tool provided by ALEKS, our Math placement instrument, students will receive an individualized study plan and instruction to accomplish in one semester readiness for a college level course. Co or pre-requisite to Math 090 is CLC 101, thus wrapping around the course a formal set of supports intended to promote completion, helping to ensure development of meta-cognitive abilities that we know are crucial to success.

Open: Monday-Thursday 8:00 am-5:00 pm and Friday 8:00 am-2:00 pm 

Cardinal Learning Commons