Design Services

Instructional design is the planning and orchestration of those activities that make up our curriculum and instruction. Such design follows principles we commonly believe produce desired learning outcomes. Those activities can be varied and often address a broad range of interactions that include the live or virtual lecture, writing assignment, examination, live or virtual field trip, live or virtual lab experience, peer review or any experience that intends to instruct. It is a college instructor's responsibility to be a subject matter expert, to create or adopt instructional resources, and to devise and employ practices that deliver those resources in the most effective way. At NIC, we are proud of our quality of teaching, providing our instructors with resources to effect well-designed instruction.


How can instructional designers help you and your students?

  • consulting, which often includes all phases of course design
  • defining instructional goals and specific outcomes
  • tasking and resources planning
  • assessment planning
  • mapping of instruction

We can assist with designing instructional products or learning objects that help anchor or supplement a specific curriculum:

  • lesson activities and sequences
  • attention devices
  • assessments
  • mediated materials (audio, video, art, maps, diagrams, animations, etc.)
  • resource bibliographies
  • learning management system constructs and templates