Welcome to the
Office of Instruction


Lita Burns, Ph.D.

Vice President for Instruction

Office: Molstead Library, Room 252
Phone: (208) 769-3302
Email: Lita_Burns@nic.edu




Pam Claflin

Executive Assistant

Phone: (208) 769-3305
Email: Pam_Claflin@nic.edu




Cheri Beard

Senior Administrative Assistant

Phone: (208) 769-3400
Email: clbeard@nic.edu



We opened this web page to share the news from the Office of Instruction, and to provide an opportunity for others to provide the feedback we need to continually improve how the office performs.

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Please use the feedback form below to let us know what we need to do to improve our services to students, to the community and to our employees. Feel free to be blunt, open and frank. We will log every comment and future postings on this web page will address how this office is responding to the comments.

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