Students in the Residence Hall lobby.What is my new address?
518 College Drive, Box #___, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

What am I agreeing to when I sign the Housing Contract?
You are agreeing to abide by the Agreement and Residence Hall Handbook.

What are some examples of important hall regulations?
"No Smoking/Drugs/Alcohol" and "Quiet Hours" are examples of important hall regulations. State law prohibits alcohol on the NIC campus regardless of age, and designated Quiet Hours are necessary to assure needed studying and sleeping opportunities.

How is my roommate selected?
You may be assigned to a specific roommate who you have requested on the contract, or you will be matched with another resident according to your answers on the Roommate Questionnaire which you'll receive with your contract.

Is it possible to have a room to myself?
Yes, for an additional cost, limited single rooms are assigned on a first-come/first-served basis when they are available. You may request a single room on the Residence Hall Contract or put your name on a waiting list after arriving.

Can I have a phone, computer, and TV in our suite?
Hookups are provided in each suite, but you will need to provide your own computer and TV. Phone is not available, but you can use your cell/mobile phone.

What other items should I consider bringing?

  • Sheets, extra long twin (80"x36"), pillows, blankets
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  • Bath towel, hand towel, washcloth
  • Laundry basket, detergent, hangers
  • Computer, small TV
  • Power strip, study lamp, alarm clock, mini-fridge, small microwave, iron (all these items must be UL approved)
  • Trash cans, liners, and cleaning supplies

What should I not consider bringing?

  • Pets
  • Waterbed, water furniture
  • Candles, incense
  • Hotplates, open-element appliances
  • Extension cords, multiple receptacle outlets
  • Fireworks, explosive materials
  • Potential weapons (guns, knives, bows, etc.)

*It's often best to confer with your new roommates before adding furniture and other large items to your suite.

Students playing darts in the rec room.Where will I store large items, like bicycles?
A bicycle storage room is provided on the first floor, and most other items (skis, luggage, etc.) should fit in your suite.

What activities are available?
Residents and staff plan regular activities throughout the year. Some examples from the past include movie nights, skiing trips, holiday parties, game tournaments. Residents are also encouraged to participate in the many intramural sports and outdoor recreation programs offered in the Student Union Building just across the street.

Who manages the residence hall?
The daily operation of the hall is supervised by a full-time, live-in director who is assisted by seven student-residents called Resident Assistants (RAs).

What's it like to be a Resident Assistant?
Resident Assistants are usually students who enjoy working with people on a regular basis. In exchange for a paid single room and meal plan, RAs help plan hall activities, keep records, and enforce hall regulations. They also get to know all the residents and learn more about themselves, while improving their leadership, time management, conflict resolution and organizational skills.

How do I become a Resident Assistant?
Just contact the Director of Residence Life at (208) 769-5932 for more information.

Is the residence hall a safe place to live?
Each suite's main entry is lighted, inset from the main corridor walls, and equipped with a card-key lock (similar to many hotels). For added security, each of the hall's exterior doors is locked 24 hours a day. Campus Safety is on duty seven days a week, and security cameras are located throughout the building and grounds. (As an added precaution, you may want to list any personal valuables on an insurance policy.)

Will I have my own parking space?
The residence hall has a parking lot dedicated to hall residents. A $20 annual permit is required.

Who is responsible for cleaning in the residence hall?
You and your roommates are responsible for maintaining the condition of your suite. The residence hall provides daily custodial services for the interior and exterior common areas of the hall, but residents are expected to clean up after themselves in all common areas.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?
Your deposit serves as a guarantee that you are serious about moving in and as a guarantee against property damage/loss after you move in. Approximately four weeks after you check out of the hall, you will receive a refund of the deposit, less any deductions for damages, loss, or fines.

How do I request an accessible suite?
All requests are handled by the Center for Educational Access at (208) 769-5947.