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An Interactive Event that Highlights Contemporary Issues of Social Injustice

Student Union Building, Lake CDA ROOM
Check back soon for 2015 dates (typically last week of Feb or the first week of March.)

Footsteps is an interactive exhibit that highlights issues of social injustice, both current and historic. After being escorted through each exhibit groups will have a chance to discuss their reactions with a facilitator, and be offered resources to be involved with topics if they choose.


We ask that groups and classes please reserve tickets utilizing the system below. If you have more than 20 in your class, please schedule two times with equal number of tickets. If you need to request a special time not listed, please e-mail or call (208) 769-7761(208) 769-7761. Individuals wishing to make a reservation may also use this system.

All participants are asked to sign an a consent form. To expedite the check-in process please bring your signed form with you Consent Form 2014 

Both NIC and community participants are welcome, please keep in mind this program is designed for college age audiences.

Educational Program

Footsteps: a Journey of Many program is designed to give participants a very direct, emotionally impactful learning experience around issues of diversity, differences, oppression and discrimination. Participation in this program is an individual’s choice and should be an educational experience.
Please keep in mind this program is designed for college age audiences.