Welcome to NIC Student Health and Counseling Services!

This is your on-line source for information about healthcare services on campus, your rights and responsibilities, and general health issues important to students.

Although no one expects to miss activities due to physical health problems, unforeseen illness and injury and the impact of life events can impact both your quality of life and the ability to successfully complete your education. We are experienced in assisting students with the life events that can challenge their academic achievement.

NIC Student Health Services clinic will provide healthcare that is high quality, cost effective, confidential, and easily accessed. Our goals are to help you maintain your health through education and prevention strategies and to restore your health when necessary by treatment of illness, injury, or stress. Services for students are focused on acute, short term health issues. If you experience chronic health issues we can visit with you to assess what we can provide and then work to refer you to the best community resource to get the most comprehensive care.

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NIC Therapeutic Counseling Services are an important part of care. While some people only think of physical health issues, we realize that we are complex individuals and there are important emotional and mental health issues that can significantly impact student success. Our licensed counselors provide quality services with a focus on brief therapy. When the student’s issue is beyond the scope of our services, we work with the student to find an appropriate community resource to best serve your needs.

The close working relationship between Student Health and Counseling Services permits timely, integrative and comprehensive treatment when you experience difficulties that require both physical health and psychological interventions. We define ourselves as a collaborative team for the purposes of consultation, referral and information sharing to provide the best care for each student.

We want to be your partners in wellness, to increase your appreciation of the importance of healthful behaviors, and to teach you both how to help care for yourself and how to be an effective consumer of health care resources.

We are committed to supporting your success as a NIC student.