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"Health and Wellness for Life"

Student Health & Wellness Services

Administrative Office
Sheri Hautala, Sr. Administrative Assistant
Tim Gerlitz, NIC Student Health Director
Seiter Hall, Room 100 
(208) 769-7818

Although no one expects to miss activities due to physical health problems, unforeseen illness and injury and the impact of life events can affect both your quality of life and the ability to successfully complete your education. We are experienced in assisting students with the life events that can challenge their academic achievement.

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NIC Student Health Services clinic, operated by Heritage Health, will provide healthcare that is high quality, cost effective, confidential, and easily accessed. Our goals are to help you maintain your health through education and prevention strategies and to restore your health when necessary by treatment of illness, injury, or stress. Services for students are focused on acute, short term health issues.  

Heritage Health will provide Mobile Clinic Services, (clinic bus), at the NIC main campus several times each week.  If students don't have health insurance, Heritage Health has sliding fee services available.  The Heritage Health Mobile Clinic schedule will be posted on this site in September, 2017.

Student Counseling Services

(Located in Seiter Hall, Room 100)
(208) 665-4520

NIC Student Counseling Services are an important part of care. While some people only think of physical health issues, we realize that we are complex individuals and there are important emotional and mental health issues that can significantly impact student success. Our licensed counselor provides quality services with a focus on brief, solution focused therapy, (usually 2 to 4 sessions). When the student’s issue is beyond the scope of our services, we work with the student to identify appropriate community resources.

We are committed to supporting your success as a North Idaho College student.

Mission Statement

Student Health and Counseling Services is committed to providing holistic physical and mental health care that educates and empowers students to take responsibility for their health and wellness as integral components of successful academic and life experience.


  1. To provide quality, holistic, accessible, cost-effective, respectful health and counseling care to students that assists them in their individual development, learning, and success.
  2. To provide health and mental health education to assist students in developing healthy lifestyles and becoming informed consumers who understand personal responsibility, access to the health care system and appropriate utilization of services.
  3. To foster cooperative working and educational relationships with other campus and community resources and to be a health resource for the campus community.