Student Accident Insurance

Edminster Student Union Building, Upper Level, Suite 200
Phone: (208) 676-7156

If you are enrolled in one or more credits, you are covered by the Student Accident Policy. This policy covers accidents that may occur on NIC property (including Outreach Centers) or campus-sponsored events. If an accident occurs, a report should be completed within 72 hours. Student accident report forms are available online at or in the Vice President for Student Services office.

Claims for an incident must be filed within 90 days of initial treatment in the Vice President for Student Services office at Suite 200 of the Edminster Student Union Building.

How to Report an Accident

Immediately report an accident to the instructor, supervisor of the activity, or school official. All accidents must be reported to a school authority within 72 hours. A Student Accident Report is necessary to substantiate an insurance claim.

Time is of the essence! Do not delay reporting!