American Indian Student Alliance

AISA is a North Idaho College student organization advised by the American Indian Student Advisor. AISA is comprised of active Native and non-Native American NIC students committed to supporting the Native American community. We work together to support Native American students in their education as well as in their college environment and encourage members, and students to be involved in leadership, social, educational, and recreational events. In that, our focus is to teach students skills that will benefit them in their education and future careers.


AISA Officers:

President: Amanda Lott

President: Amanda Lott, Blackfeet/Gros Ventre/Assiniboine

Vice President: Destiny Calvin

Vice President: Destiny Calvin, Pyramid Lake Paiute

Treasurer: Sami Mitchell

Treasurer: Sami Mitchell, Dine'


Secretary: TBD

Historian: TBD


The Mission Statement of The American Indian Student Alliance as written in its constitution is as follows:

The purpose of AISA shall be to:

  • Form a council representative of American Indian Student leaders and organizations.
  • Coordinate activities and opportunities of interest to American Indian students on campus.
  • Represent the interests of American Indian students at NIC, promote increased awareness of American Indian cultures, and address issues of concern.
  • Develop a model of networking and cooperation among student leaders that creates and promotes professional and tribal networks for the future.
  • Manage fundraising for American Indian activities and events.