Scholarships for American Indians


Tribes and Nations  - Misc. and Other Minorities


A.T. Anderson memorial Scholarship Program

AAAE Foundation Scholarships for Native Americans

Accenture Undergraduate Scholarships

Adolph Van Pelt Scholarships

Adult Vocational Training Program of The Wyandotte Nation

Afognak Career Enhancement Opportunities Program

Afognak Higher Education Program

AISES Google Scholarship

Alan Compton and Bob Stanley Minority and International Scholarship

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Scholarships

Aleut Foundation Part-Time scholarships

Aleut Foundation Scholarship Program

Aleut Foundation Vocational Scholarships

Aleutian/Pribilof Islands Association Education and Training Program

Aleutian/Pribilof Islands Association Vocational Rehabilitation Assistance

All Native American High School Academic Team Scholarship

Allogan Slagle Memorial Scholarship

Alyeska Match Scholarship

American Association of Blacks in Energy National Scholarships

American Chemical Society Scholars Program

American Indian Arts Council Scholarship Program 

American Indian Chamber of Commerce of California Scholarship

American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin Scholarship 

American Indian Community College Scholarship

American Indian Education Foundation Scholarship Program

American Indian Fellowship In Business Scholarship

American Indian Services Scholarship Program 

American Institute of Architects Minority/Disadvantaged Scholarship

American Physical Society Scholarships For Minority Undergraduate Physics Majors 

AMS Undergraduate Scholarships

Amy Louise Hunter-Wilson, M.D. Memorial Scholarship

ANAC Student Diversity Mentorship Scholarship

Anne H. Myers Scholarship

APICDA Higher Education Scholarship

APICDA Supplemental Education Grants

Appraisal Institute Minorities and Women Educational Scholarship Program

Aqqaluk Trust Scholarships

Arapaho Educational Trust Scholarship

Arapaho Ranch Educational Trust Scholarship

Arctic Education Foundation Scholarships

Arthur C. Parker Scholarships

ASSE Diversity Committee Scholarship

ASSE UPS Diversity Scholarships

Association For Women Geoscientists Minority Scholarship

Association on American Indian Affairs Displaced Homemaker Scholarship