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Aleut Foundation Part-Time scholarships

The Aleut Corporation
Attn: Aleut Foundation
703 West Tudor Road, Suite 102
Anchorage, AK 99503-6650
(907) 646-1929      Toll-free: (800) 232-4882      Fax: (907) 646-1949


To provide financial assistance for college or graduate school to Native Alaskans with ties to the Aleutian Islands who are enrolled part time.


This program is open to residents of Alaska who are:

  • an original enrollee or descendant of an original enrollee of The Aleut Corporation (TAC)
  • a beneficiary or a descendant of a beneficiary of the Aleutian Pribilof Islands Restitution Trust
  • an original enrollee or descendant of an original enrollee of the Isanotski Corporation (IC)


Applicants must be:

  • enrolled of in an associate, bachelor's, or higher degree program as a part-time students (at least 3 credit hours)
  • they must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher.  

Along with their application they must include a letter of intent, up to 500 words in length, that covers their educational goals and how they intend to use their education in the Aleut community.

Financial data

This stipend depends on the number of credit hours in the undergraduate or graduate program, to a maximum of $1,200 per year.


1 year

Additional information

The foundation began awarding scholarships in 1987

Number awarded 

Varies each year; recently, 2 of these scholarships were awarded


  • June of each year for annual scholarships
  • November of each year for spring scholarships