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American Indian Arts Council Scholarship Program

American Indian Arts Council, Inc.
Attn: Scholarship Committee
725 Preston Forest Shopping Center, Suite B
Dallas, TX 75230
(214) 891-9640      Fax:(214) 891-0221


To provide financial assistance to American Indian undergraduates or graduate students planning a career in the arts or arts administration.


This program is open to American Indian undergraduate and graduate students who are preparing for a career in:

  • fine arts
  • visual and performing arts
  • communication arts
  • creative writing
  • arts administration or management. 

Applicants must be currently enrolled in and attending a fully-accredited college or university.  They must provide official tribal documentation verifying American Indian heritage and have a CPA of 2.5 or higher.

Applicants majoring in the visual or performing arts (including writing) must submit:

  • slides
  • photographs
  • videotapes
  • audio tapes
  • or other examples of their work. 

Letters of recommendation are required.  Awards are based on either merit or merit and financial need.  If the applicants wish to be considered for a need-based award, a letter from their financial aid office is required to verify financial need.

Financial data

Stipends range from $250 to $1000 per semester


1 semester; may be renewed if the recipient maintains a GPA of 2.5 or higher

Additional information

This program was established in 1993

Number awarded

Varies each year


  • September of each year for the fall semester
  • February of each year for the spring semester