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Blackfeet Adult Vocational Training Grants

Blackfeet Nation
Attn: Higher Education Program
P.O. Box 850
Browning, MT 59417
(406) 338-7539      Fax: (406) 338-7530


To provide financial assistance for vocational training to members of the Blackfeet and other tribes.


This program is open to enrolled members of a federally-recognized tribe between 18 and 35 years of age in need of training to obtain reasonable and satisfactory employment as soon as possible after completion of training. 

Along with their application they must submit:

  • high school or GED transcripts
  • college transcripts (if they have every attended college)
  • a copy of the admission letter from the school they plan to attend
  • a financial needs analysis
  • a Certificate of Indian Blood
  • a copy of marriage license (if a spouse is claimed as financially dependent)
  • a copy of birth certificates for any family members claimed as financially dependent
  • and military discharge papers (if applicable). 

Grants are awarded according to the following priorities:

  • Blackfeet tribal members residing on or near the Blackfeet Reservation
  • Blackfeet tribal members residing off the Blackfeet Reservation
  • members of other federally-recognized tribes (as funding permits)
  • second training grant applicants (as funding permits)


Financial data

The amount awarded varies, depending upon the recipient's educational requirements and financial needs.  The maximum for an unmarried student with no dependents is $3,200 per year; for a student with 3 or more dependents; the maximum stipend is $3,800 per year. Funds are sent to the school's financial aid officer.


Up to 24 months (36 months for registered nursing students) of full-time training

Number awarded

Varies each year


February of each year