Scholarships for American Indians


Tribes and Nations  - Misc. and Other Minorities


 Calista Scholarship Fund

Cap Lathrop Endowment Scholarship Fund

Cape Fox Scholarships

Career Upgrade Grants

Carl H. Marrs Scholarship Fund

Cartwright Scholarship Program

Caterpillar FFA Scholarship

Cecelia Somday Education Fund

Central Intelligence Agency Undergraduate Scholarship Program

Charles Cockett 'Ohana Scholarship

Cheif Manuelito Scholarship Program

Cherokee Nation Pell Scholarships

Cherokee Nation Scholarship Program

Cherokee Nation Tribal Council Award

Cheyenne And Arapaho Higher Education Grants

Chickasaw Foundation Fine Arts Scholarship

Chickasaw Nation Agriculture Scholastic Program

Chickasaw Nation Division on Aging Scholarship

Chickasaw Nation General Scholarship

Chickasaw Nation Higher Education Grants

Chickasaw Nation Life-Time Scholarships

Chickasaw Nation Lighthorse Scholarship

Chief Freeman Johnson Scholarship

Chief Manuelito Scholarship Program

Chief Pushmataha College Scholarship Fund

Chips Quinn Scholarship Program

Choctaw Nation Agriculture Scholastic Program

Choctaw Nation Higher Education Grants

Choctaw Nation Higher Education Scholarship

Choy-kee 'Ohana Scholarship

Chugach Heritage Foundation Scholarships

Chugach Heritage Foundation Vocational Training Funding

Chugachmiut Higher Education Grants

Chugachmiut Vocational Training Tuition Assistance

CIRI Foundation Achievement Scholarships

CIRI Foundation Excellence Scholarship