Scholarships for American Indians


Tribes and Nations  - Misc. and Other Minorities


Hana Scholarships

Hawaii Hotel Industry Foundation Native Hawaiian Scholarship

Hawaiian Homes Commission Scholarships

Hawaiin Civic Club Of Honolulu

Haynes/Hetting Award

Health Professions Pregraduate Scholarship Program 

Health Professions Preparatory Scholarship Program

Higher Education Scholarships of The Wyandotte Nation

The Hill Group Scholarship 

Hilton Tribal College Diversity Scholarship

Ho-Chunk Nation Higher Education Scholarship

Ho-Chunk Nation Summer Tuition Assistance

Ho-Chunk Nation Training And Employment Assistance

Hoopa Tribal Education Association Adult Vocational Training Awards 

Hoopa Tribal Education Association Higher Education Awards

Hopi Academic Achievement Awards 

Hopi Tribal Members BIA Higher Education Grants

Hopi Tuition/Book Scholarships

Howard Keck/Westmin Endowment Scholarship Fund 

Howard Tock Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship Program 

HP Scholar Awards

Hualapai Employment Assistance Program 

Hualapai Higher Education Grants 

Huna Heritage Foundation Education Assistance Program

Hyatt Hotels Fund For Minority Lodging Management Students