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Chickasaw Foundation Fine Arts Scholarship

Chickasaw Foundation

110 West 12th Street

P.O. Box 1726

Ada, OK 74821 - 1726

(580) 421 - 9030               Fax:  (580) 421 - 9031




To provide financial assistance to members of the Chickasaw Nation interested in studying fine arts in college.


This program is open to Chickasaw students who are currently enrolled full time as a junior or senior at an accredited 4-year college.  Applicants must be majoring in fine arts (dance, dramatics, arts, music) and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.  Along with their applications, they must submit high school or college transcripts, 2 letters of recommendation, a copy of their Certificate of Indian Blood, a copy of their Chickasaw Nation citizenship card, and a 1 page essay o ntheir long-term goals and plans for achieving them.  Financial need is not considered in the selection process.

Financial Data

The stipend is $1,500.


1 year.

Number Awarded

1 each year.


June of each year.