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Chickasaw Nation Agriculture Scholastic Program

Oklahoma Youth Expo

Attn:  Scholarship Program

431 N.E. 14th Street

Oklahoma City, OK 73104

(405) 235 - 0404               Fax:  (405) 235 - 1727



To provide financial assistance to members of the Chickasaw Nation who are high school seniors, exhibit at the Oklahoma Youth Expo (OYE), and plan to attend college in Oklahoma to major in any subject.


This program is open to members of the Chickasaw Nation who are high school seniors and exhibit at the OYE (membership in an Oklahoma 4-H Club or Oklahoma FFA  chapter is required to exhibit).  Applicants must be planning to enroll full time at an institution or higher education in Oklahoma where they may major in any subject field.  They must have a Chickasaw Nation CIB card and a Chickasaw Nation Membership Card.  Along with their application, they must submit 500-word essays on 1) how the junior live-stock program has contributed to their hgher educational and career pursuits, and 2) their 10-year goals in liffe and how those pursuits will help make Oklahoma a better place.  Selection is based on financial need, academics, community involvement, and junior agriculture program participation.

Financial Data

The stipend is $2,500.


1 year; nonrenewable.

Additional Information

This program is sponsored by the Chickasaw Nation.

Number Awarded

3 each year.


December of each year.