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First Americans In The Arts Scholarship

First Americans in the Arts

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To provide financial assistance to Native American students in fields related to film and the entertainment business.


This program is open to full-time students currently enrolled in a recognized institution of higher learning and working on a degree related to film and the entertainment business (production, directing, screen writing, production design, cinematography, or acting).  Applicants must provide documentation of at least one-quarter American Indian or Alaskan Native blood.  U.S. citizenship is required.  Along with their application, they must submit documentation of financial need and a 500-word essay on why they are pursuing their field of study, their future plans, and their scholarship funding need.

Financial data

A stipend is awarded; the amount depends on the availability of funds.  Funds may be used only for costs directly related to school


1 year; may be renewed up to 3 additional years if funds are available

Number awarded

Varies each year; recently, 3 of these scholarships were awarded


December of each year