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First Sergeant Douglas and Charlotte Dehorse Scholarship

Catching the Dream

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To provide financial assistance to American Indians who have ties to the military and are working on an undergraduate or graduate degree.


This program is open to American Indians who:

  1. have complete 1 year of an Army, Navy, or Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training (JROTC) program
  2. are enrolled in an Army, Navy, or Air Force Reserve Officer Training (ROTC) program
  3. are a veteran of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Merchant Marines, or Coast Guard.

Applicants must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program of study.  Along with their application, they must submit a personal essay, high school transcripts, and letters of recommendation.

Financial data

A stipend is award (amount not specified).


1 year

Additional information

This program was established in 2007

Number awarded

1 or more each year


April of each year for fall semester or quarter

September of each year for spring semester or winter quarter