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Chugachmiut Higher Education Grants

Attn: Education and Training Coordinator
1840 Bragaw Street, Suite 110
Anchorage, AK 99508-3463
(907) 562-4155         Toll-free: (800) 478-4155 (within AK)         Fax: (907) 563-2891


To provide financial assistance to Alaska Native from the Chugach Region who are interested in attending college or graduate school in any state.


This program is open to enrolled tribal members of the Chugach Region who are working, full or part time, on an undergraduate or graduate degree at a college or university in any state. Along with their application, they must submit statement with their personal and educational history, accomplishments, educational and career goals, and how the degree program they are planning to attend fits in with their educational and career goals.

Financial data

A stipend is awarded (amount not specified).


1 year; may be renewed if they recipient maintains a GPA of 2.0 or higher

Additional information

Chugachmiut is a tribal consortium of 7 native communities in the Chugach region of Alaska

Number awarded

Varies each year


May of each year