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General Motors Engineering Scholarship


American Indian Science and Engineering Society
Attn: Scholarship Coordinator
2305 Renard. S.E., Suite 200
P.O. Box 9828
Alburqurque, NM 87119-9828
(505) 765-1052, ext. 106                                         Fax: (505) 765-5608


To provide financial assistance to members of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) who are working on an undergraduate or graduate degree in engineering.


This program is open to AISES members who are full-time undergraduate or graduate students in engineering, with a preference given to


      • electrical
      • industrial
      • or mechanical engineering majors


Applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and be members of an American Indian tribe or Alaskan Native group or otherwise considered to be and American Indian or Alaskan Native by the tribe or group with which affiliation is claimed.

They must submit an essay that explains


      • their knowledge of and experiences with American Indian tribal culture
      • discusses their specific interests in engineering
      • and states how they will contribute their knowledge or professional experience to a Native American community


Financial need is not considered in the selection process.

Financial data 

The stipend is $3,000.


1 year; nonrenewable.

Additional information 

This program, established in 2002, is funded by General Motors.

Number awarded 

3 each year.


June of each year.