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Anishfield-Wolf Book Awards

Cleveland Foundation
1422 Euclid Avenue, Suite 1300
Cleveland, OH 44115-2001
(216) 861-3810      Fax: (216) 861-1729


To recognize and reward recent books that have contributed to an understanding of racism or appreciation of the rich diversity of human cultures.


Works published in English during the preceding year that "contribute to our understanding of racism or our appreciation of the rich diversity of human cultures" are eligible to be considered.  

Entries may be either

  • scholarly or imaginative (fiction, poetry, memoir)
  • plays and screenplays are not eligible, nor are works in progress
  • manuscripts and self-published works are not eligible
  • no grants are made for completing or publishing manuscripts.

Financial data

The prize is $10,000.  If more than 1 author is chosen in a given year, the prize is divided equally among the winning books.


The award is presented annually

Additional information

These awards were first presented in 1936.  Information is also available from

Laura Scharf
700 West St. Clair Avenue, Suite 414
Cleveland, OH 44113

Number awarded

3 each year:

  • 1 for fiction
  • 1 for nonfiction
  • 1 for lifetime achievement


December of each year