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Franklin C. MClean Award

National Medical Fellowships, Inc.
Attn: Scholarship Program
5 Hanover Square, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10004
(212) 483-8880                  Fax: (212) 483-8897


To recognize and reward the outstanding academic achievement, leadership, and community service of medical school seniors who are minorities.


This competition is open to students who are enrolled in accredited medical schools or osteopathic colleges:

  • African American
  • Native Hawaiian
  • Alaska Native
  • American Indian
  • Mexican American
  • Mainland Puerto Rican

Candidates must be nominated by their schools during the summer preceding their senior year. 

Selection is based on

  • academic achievement
  • leadership
  • community service

U.S. citizenship is required.

Financial data

This honor includes a certificate of merit and a $3,000 award


1 year; nonrenewable

Additional information

This award, the first award offered by the National Medical Fellowship, was established in 1968 in memory of the Chicago bone physiologist who founded the organization.

Number awarded 

1 each year


Nominations must be submitted by July of each year.