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Kawerak, Inc.

Attn: Education, Employment, and Training Division

P.O. Box 948

Nome, AK 99762

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Purpose - To provide financial assistance to Alaska Natives from the Bering Straits region who are interested in vocational training.

Eligibility - This program is open to reibally enrolled members of Native villages in the Bering Straits region of Alaska, but residency there is not required. Applicants must be unemployed or underemployed and interested in obtaining vocational training to gain job skills for employment. They must have been accepted into an accredited vocational or trade school for training in an occupation that is in demand in the region. Along with their application, they must submit verification of tribal membership, documentation of financial need, official transcripts, 2 letters  of recommendation, and a letter of intent providing the name of the school they wish to attend, their employment and personal goals, and where they wish to seek employment.

Financial data - The stipend depends on the need of the recipient. Tribal members who no longer reside in the region may receive a grant up to $1,500.

Duration - Funding is provided for  a single training program. Recipient may reapply, but their application receive a lower priority.

Number awarded - Varies each year.

Deadline - Applicants may be submitted at any time, but they must be received at least 2 weeks before the start of the training program.