Faculty Guidelines

The Testing Center provides proctored testing support for course make-up tests and Internet course testing. Due to limited space and personnel, entire class testing cannot be administered at this time.  If you have a special need please contact Merilyn Hardy (676-7203)  to see if the Testing Center can accommodate it.

Basic procedures for every test:

  • The Students must show photo ID.
  • Personal belongings are not permitted in the testing rooms, and only items listed on the test tracking form will be allowed.
  • Lockers are provided.
  • Scratch paper is provided by the Testing Center and when used will accompany the returned test.
  • If tests are past their due date, we will still allow students to complete them with the warning that the instructor may not accept them or give full point value.
  • If there is a time restriction on the test, we tell the student when his or her time is up. We do not wrestle the test away from the student if he or she does not immediately turn it in. We tell the student that there may be consequences for taking more than the allowed time. The actual time will be documented on the tracking form.

Calculator Policy

Calculators are permitted only when listed in the allowed items. If a graphing calculator is permitted it must be noted on the tracking form. We assume simple or scientific calculators unless otherwise specified.  

Arranging for Paper/Pencil Tests

  • Each paper exam should be accompanied by our tracking form. We can email a form to you or click this link to download it for your files. Test Tracking Form
  • Tests may be dropped off at the Testing Center at any time during office hours, left in the drop box at the north end of the building next to the ramp during off hours, or sent through campus mail to Timber Hall (TMB). Tests will be returned to you according to your directions on the Test Tracking Form.
  • Tests may not be emailed or faxed to us. You have the option of sending an electronic version of the test and tracking form to the Copy Center. It will be printed and delivered to the Testing Center.
  • Reduced Distraction testing will be provided, but we cannot guarantee any student a private room. We will do what we can for as long as possible, especially for students with accommodations, but if a student requires guaranteed isolation they must make other arrangements.
  • After an exam deadline has passed or the semester has ended and there are still exams in your file, we will return or shred them unless we hear differently from you.

E-Learning and Hybrid Tests

  • Availability is limited when specialized testing occurs and, as always, we have many instructors using the center.  Please consult our schedule to make sure that test deadlines fall on days the Testing Center is open and stagger testing to avoid scheduling overloads.
  • Passwords to exams are usually emailed or delivered to the Testing Center and are kept in a locked file.
  • If your exam requires Angel Lockdown Browser, please let us know.

Finals Week

ONLY Finals are given during Finals Week. NO MAKE-UP TESTS will be given. During the last week of classes (week before Finals Week), only make-ups from tests being given in class THAT WEEK will be given at the Testing Center. If any of your students need to take make up tests during the last week of classes or during Finals Week, they must make arrangements with you. BEFORE the last week of classes and Finals Week, we will give make up tests from any time during the semester.

Please encourage your students to make an appointment with the Testing Center for any exam. Walk-ins are allowed but appointments will be given first consideration.

The Testing Center extends an open invitation to visit at any time for a tour of our facilities. Hope to see you soon.