ASNIC Clubs provide students opportunities for learning outside the classroom; meeting people with similar interests; developing life, work, and leadership skills; gaining a broader experience and a greater perspective; and engaging students as citizens of the campus community. 

How to Start a Club at NIC

Follow these easy steps, and know that we are here to help you with anything you need!

NIC students may start a new ASNIC Club at any point during the year. A minimum of three currently enrolled fee-paying North Idaho College students may form a new ASNIC club by completing these five easy steps: 

  1. Review the list of recognized ASNIC Clubs on Cardinal Sync to verify the club you hope to start does not already exist at North Idaho College.
  2. Complete the Register a New Organization Form on CardinalSync.
             - Register your club and identify your mission
             - Advisor Agreement: Identify and enlist a full-time faculty or staff member to serve as an advisor for your          organization 
             - Constitution: utilize template in ASNIC Clubs Portal
  3. Schedule a meeting with ASNIC Vice President, the club advisor, and the ASNIC advisor to review your club intent, ICC requirements, and campus policies and procedures.
  4. Present Club at the Next ICC meeting. ICC will vote to approve club.
  5. Attend FAST Meeting to ask for start-up funds.

The Student Development Staff is available to assist you in the process of starting a new club. Email for more information. 

CardinalSync is your connection to campus life at North Idaho College. Follow these directions to login through MyNIC and get started!