Staff Assembly Meeting

February 14, 2013 at 2:00 pm

Echo Bay/Blue Creek Room, SUB



Call to Order:


Approval of Minutes:

New Employee Introductions:

Jett Dougherty, Assistant Director, Human Resources

Rayann Bounds, Student Accounts Technician

Others ?

Guest Speakers:

Pam Noah—Employee Giving Campaign

Linda Michal/Stacy Hudson—Mother’s Nook


·        Senate--Committee Structure  Policy and Procedure Updates (Jon Totten)

·        Board Meeting  (Garry Stark)


·        Dike Road Update (Garry Stark)

·        Diamond Parking Update (Garry Stark)

·        Employee Day February19th (Erin Norvell)

·        Biggest Loser Update (Erin Norvell)

·        Calendar Committee Survey (Chantel)

·        Staff Sabbatical (Nancy Edwards)

·        New Campus Signage (Bill McElver)



Good of the Order: