Staff Assembly Meeting Minutes

August 14, 2014 at 2:00PM
Echo Bay/Blue Creek Room, Edminster SUB

Call to Order:

Minutes were approved: 1st - Teresa Henderson 2nd - Andy Finney

New Employees introduced: Chris Martin new VP in the Business Office and Debra Furgeson a new counselor in the DSS office.

Guest speakers

  • Pat Whitcomb reported on the wrestling drives. The “We Care” School Supply Drive gives school supplies to the community. The We Care drive will be at Riverstone on Wednesday August 27th from 10-2, everyone is welcome to volunteer time, money or supplies. Last year they served 400 students. Also this is the 4th year for T-Shirt sales for breast cancer, they are $10.00 and they are up in sales to $8,000 hoping for $10,000 this year. They also have the Christmas for all drive, this is the third year. 1500 people participated in the raffle. They also give books to elementary students, have distributed 13,000 books.
  • Andrea Woempner reported on the Vitality Wellness Program. You must be enrolled in the medical plan in order to use the program. It is primarily geared toward employee and Spouse, but has some activities for dependents also. You need to register and complete the VHR for HRA dollars. This replaces the General Health assessment. This remains confidential. After you fill out the VHR, goals will be generated and suggestion will be presented to complete these goals. You will have 90 days to complete each goal, but can reactivate if you cannot complete within the 90 days. The website also has Education, Preventative, Healthy Living tips, and Fitness. You can earn points weekly with the verified work outs, there is an app for your smart phone that tracks your participation at the gym for at least 30 minutes. Works with a variety of heart rate monitors, need to be at 60% for 30 minutes to count as a workout. Can use the fitbit to count sets and download information. Still get points for less than 10,000 steps per day. Earn Vitality bucks as you earn HRA funds. Bucks can be used the Vitality mall. Can use an App at Walmart, labels that say ‘great for you’ will earn discounts. You earn 2 pts and 5% off. After you submit biometrics screening, you earn a 10% discount. There will not be any books distributed this year. All information for Vitality is on line. Sessions will be held, register on Greenlight.


Staff Excellence Awards
  • Categories for Staff Appreciation Awards have changed to include 2 Staff Excellence awards, 1 Rising star and 1 PT Staff Award. Verbiage has also been added that in case of a tie, the award will be split.
Presidential Plunge
  • Make sure you are filling the buckets of the people that you DO NOT want to have dunked in the dunk tank. Food goes to a new NIC Food Pantry for NIC students. Jessica Bennett is in charge of the food bank and NIC gave $1000 in start up funds. Dunking will take place on Aug 26th in the basement of the SUB. Eventually the Food Bank may ask for personal care items and pet food will be welcome.
Day of Hope
  • The day of Hope in Coeur d’Alene will be on September 16th to help the underserved in the area. There will be free haircuts, medical screenings, family portraits, food… Hosts will be from area Churches, non-profits, NIC. NIC will host the Rally on September 5th. We need participation and volunteers at the county fairgrounds. Volunteers can earn activity points in Vitality for these events.
Parking Update
  • Parking services is now located in the One Card Office in the SUB. They can take cash check or VSA/MC. Passes can also be purchased online, these will be mailed so allow for mailing time.
  • New key authorization request form and process is on the website. Submit original form signed by employee and supervisor. Employee can bring their ID to the Card office and pick up key. Keys must be returned to the Card office when an employee leaves employment at NIC. Open from 8-4 M-TH and 8-2:30 F.
Committee Updates
  • Chantel Black had an update from Senate. Term limits were added to committees so we can have some turn over and new ideas in our committees. Members can serve 5 years maximum and then must sit out for at least 3 years before serving on the same committee again. This starts with this year and terms will be staggered so the committee has new and old members.

Shout outs

  • To Jess Bennett, Jon Totten, Jacob Rothrock From Mark Browning
    “These three colleagues were burdened with the unenviable task of dealing with one of the most difficult, high-maintenance groups you can imagine—President’s Cabinet! They took the group through the Ropes Course in a professional yet supportive and encouraging manner. And in the end, only one member (me) had to pulled from the course for medical attention! (and it was my fault, totally!—bad back….)


    I SHOUT OUT sincere thanks and thoughts of appreciation to colleagues who do such great work and make NIC someplace truly special.”

  • To Bill McElver and Duffy Taylor From Sherie Phillips
    “…for letting Head Start use a lawn mower while our mower was in the shop. This allowed us to keep the grounds at Harding Family Center looking nice. Thanks bill and Duffy for making this happen!”

  • To Will Perry From Lynn Hill
    “Thank you for fixing our lateral file drawers that was broken by the movers after our office renovation in 2012. Placed a work order back then and was told it could not be fixed. Will: you are AWESOME!”

  • To Cheri Beard, Pat Murray, Mike Scott,Tom Wuest from Colleen Hoffman WTC
    “In appreciation for your dedication and ongoing support of the NIC Customized Training!!! We couldn’t have done it without your support! We wanted to thank you all for your time and efforts assisting us with the use of a campus classroom this past week and weekend! We really appreciate your teamwork and professionalism helping Customized Training provide a course for the community! Your quick response was amazing and we appreciate all your efforts!!!

YOU ROCK!!!!!”

Good of the Order

  • Chantel- Testing schedules have been posted.
  • Gary- classes will be held for order entry.

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